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Astatic D-104 Microphones, Parts and Service

The Rebirth of a Legend


Emergency Survival Communication

Online Store    

Online Store

White Astatic D - 104


    This is a sample of the WHITE, which can be ordered. Each microphone is hand refurbished. So each may vary a little. We will try to stay as true to sample as possible.

    All of our microphones come with HiFi Condenser Elements. These are low impedence elements. They are for non tube radios. If you need one for a tube radio, contact us for availability of Crystal Elements. They are wired with a 4-pin plug.

 There is currently an 8-12 week wait for delivery

    Each of our refurbished microphones comes with a one year warrenty on the working components of the microphone. Not the cosmetic features. This warrenty covers all parts and labor. Shipping is not included.

     We Ship our Microphones USPS Large Flat Rate Boxes. Inside United States. All other shipping at buyers cost.

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